Archive Collections
We endeavour to make as much of our archives collections as possible freely available to the public, and the majority of what we hold can be requested for viewing in our public searchroom, either as an original or a facsimile. However, there are some documents which are not freely available for use by the public.

These include historic originals whose physical condition has become too fragile for handling by anyone other than a conservation professional. These items are deemed “unfit for production” whilst they are going through the process of being repaired and made available once again. In the meantime, we will make any existing facsimiles of these records available to the public.

We also restrict access to a small number of records in the catalogue for a defined period because they include sensitive personal data, or confidential information.

You can make a request for information which may be in a closed record under the Freedom of Information Act, 2000 or the Environmental Information Regulations, 2004. The London Borough of Bromley website has more information on how to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act

Additionally, some personal data is included in items within the catalogue. We have taken all reasonable care to ensure that we operate within the provisions of data protection legislation. If you believe that any of the data in this database causes or is likely to cause substantial damage or distress to you or any other living person, please contact historic collections with specific details.

Museum Collections
Assisted access to items from the museum collection can be provided by appointment. Some items may not be accessible due to their condition.

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